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Administrative Director: Dr. Michael Hannahan

Dr. Michael HannahanDr. Hannahan was born in Springfield, Ohio in 1959. He received his Bachelor's degree in 1980 from Miami of Ohio and his Master's Degree and Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts. Dr. Hannahan's research examines the effects of political campaign activity — especially direct mail and phone banks. Dr. Hannahan has worked for political parties, managed campaigns and political consulting firms, and served as Senior Advisor to former Massachusetts Governor, Jane Swift. He teaches American Political Thought, American Government, Campaign Finance and Reform, and Modern Political Campaigns. Mike's wife, Lisa, is a Speech Therapist at Fort River School in Amherst. He has two children: Colin, a high-schooler and Caitlin, a college student. He enjoys running, hiking, golf, and cheering on the Boston Red Sox baseball team. As Administrative Director, Dr. Hannahan is responsible for making sure your programs run smoothly and your stay is enjoyable as well as productive. He will also make presentations on American campaigns and elections.

Program Operations Manager: Andrew Carbaugh

Andrew Carbaugh is a recent University of Massachusetts well-schooled in both the International Exchange and Political world. During his four years as an undergrad at UMass he assisted the Civic Initiative implement academic exchange programs as a student fellow. After graduation, he worked in the political sphere for a little over a year, both on campaigns, and in the halls of Congress. He returned to the Civic Initiative in his current role in December. He enjoys watching UMass basketball, traveling, and playing poker. As Program Operations Manager, Mr. Carbaugh is in charge of making sure the logistics and administrative aspects of the programs are taken care of in an efficient manner so participants never have to worry about them.

Financial and Administrative Assistant:
Becky Martin

Becky Martin has been the Administrative & Financial Assistant for the Civic Initiative and Economic & Public Policy Research Units under the University of Massachusetts Presidents Office in Hadley, Massachusetts since May 2005. Always associated with education, prior to the Civic Initiative, Becky worked as an Administrative Assistant for the UMass Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department, the Hartsbook School, and UMass’ University Information Technology Services. Becky obtained her A.A.S. in Business Administration from Grahm Junior College in Boston, Massachusetts. Currently, Becky lives in Belchertown, Massachusetts with her husband, Henry. Becky is a mother of two; Michael (34), Katy (30), and has four grandchildren with the fifth on the way.

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